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Elysian  Ki
Beautifully Creative & Divinely Inspired Universal Life Force
Abstract Painting
By Tine Butler


"I was born to create, to see life through a different light, to feel deeply, to express passionately, to live freely"

- Tine -


At Moon+Stone, I'm excited to bring together the power of energy healing and design to create meaningful connections with the world. Let my unique blend of art and healing help you on your journey to self-discovery. Whether you’re looking for a logo or some one-on-one Reiki healing, I’m here to help. Welcome to Moon+Stone

Discover the magic of Moon+Stone Art & Reiki Studio – my personal unique space to explore energy healing, creative expression and self-discovery. Uncover the power of your inner energy and tap into the healing potential of Reiki to bring clarity, balance, and peace into your life. Let Moon+Stone be your guide on this journey of transformation and healing.

Unlock your potential and maximize your well-being. My Art & Reiki Studio is the perfect place to nourish your soul and find balance. Experience the power of Reiki as you immerse yourself in the positive energy that fills the room.

Moon+Stone is the creative home for energy healing, graphic design, and personal growth. Here, you can experience the power of Reiki energy infused in all of my work and purchase my creations as they come to life. Make Moon+Stone your one-stop-shop for design, self-discovery and creative expression.
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