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Moon+Stone Reiki Studio is run by Tine, a Reiki Master, Artist, & Designer, offering energy healing services in Southern Manitoba.


The holistic approach to healing and wellness through energy healing sessions includes clearing blockages and allowing energy to flow. The personalized treatments combine reiki energy, crystal energy, coaching, intuitive guidance, Oracle cards, essential oils, and sound energy to offer a unique healing experience.


A safe space is created to feel reenergized, relaxed, and connected to the highest self. Sessions conclude with intuitive guidance and debriefing while enjoying tea. Bookings for in-person sessions and events are done by email and e-transfer.

Crystal Reiki

Feeling out of sorts, lacking vitality & energy, and just not completely yourself? Then this is the session for you!


My approach is Usui Reiki combined with Crystal Reiki.


This is a series of 3, 40 min sessions, done within a 2 week period, all pre booked.  


Crystals carry the energy of the Earth within them. When you place them on your body, you are connecting yourself to the powerful grounding and revitalizing energy that lies within the Earth–which is why using crystals can be so effective.


Includes a 3 card tarot reading, Aromatherapy Application,  Sacred Smoke Ceremony, & Crystal Placement.


Ketsueki Kôkan Hô

This is a singular technique that cannot be added to other reiki treatments. This session is all about the Vertebrae/Chakra correlations, and the release of our emotional, psychological + spiritual energies that are trapped in our spines.


The spine, reminds me of the tree of life, it is strong, flexible & can handle all of life’s challenges. When the spine is balanced from the sacrum to the head, your energies are in balance. The spine is the central pillar of the body & our nerve structure. 


The spine manifests many of our emotional, psychological, physical & spiritual balances and also our stresses.


What to expect: 

This session begins with a brief consultation, and a 1/4 glass of water.


During the session you may be asked to breathe or chant. (OM | sounds like AUM for example) When the session is completed we end with a 1/4 glass of water and a brief conversation. (Total time being 40 min) 


This treatment requires 2 - 30 minute sessions.


Sacred Smoke

The essence of smoke is mystical and evocative, and is a fundamental human symbol of higher realms. Smoke used for sacred ceremonies can be seen in all cultures across all time, with the basic element of fire relating to transformation.


Smoke can symbolize our contact with the spiritual world, and is often used as a conduit to communicate and invoke spirits. Smoke will always have a place in spiritual ceremony no matter which culture, religion, spiritual practice, or indigenous group. 


As many of us feel a desire to shift from our modern western culture, and reclaim the memory and essence of our deeper selves, we are becoming more and more attracted to ancient practices.


Sacred Smoke has the power to transform and deflect unwanted energy, bless a space as sacred, and connect you to your higher self. 


It can raise the vibration of a room or an environment and is mostly used to invoke the spiritual realms for cleansing.


Please note: Before your session starts, it is important to have a clear purpose, and that your mind and heart are 100% committed to your intensions.



Additional Cost $10.00

Remove + Renew

Do you feel you have a lot of pent up emotion, feelings, and stagnant energy? The Remove + Renew Reiki Treatment is designed to help you release old emotions remove old stagnant energy, rebalance, + renew your energy.


We store some of our deepest vulnerabilities and emotions in the hips. Neurosciences point to the hips as a potential storage vessel of emotions. Keeping in mind, each body is different. Where one person holds stress in their body may not be exactly the same for another. This one can feel like it is a lot.


When people shift, they shift a lot. So it is recommended to have a day off the next day. This is a commitment of one session every week for 5 weeks. Feel lighter, more open, more energy with this treatment series.


5, 45 minute sessions to be completed within 5 weeks. It is recommended the closer the sessions are together the better, a minimum of once a week. Includes a 3 card tarot reading, Aromatherapy Application, Sacred Smoke Ceremony, & Crystal Placement.



Need some uplifting energy? Need clarity, need guidance, need to feel more balanced and in control of your own destiny?


The Recharge Reiki Session, will do just that.​ Feel recharged and lighter!


This session is great for those who have had previously done the treatment sessions, this session is for maintenance or new updates, or if you are new to Reiki and would like to see what it is all about.

Cost: $60.00


With this a clinical assessment based on your chakra system will be done to determine which essential oils are needed.
The pores found on the bottom of your feet are particularly absorbent and can quickly pull the essential oils into the bloodstream. There are no hair follicles to slow down the application or absorption of the essential oil.

Plus, the soles of your feet have 5 layers of skin. Other parts of your body typically have 7 to 10 layers of skin.

When essential oils are applied to the feet, studies show that traces can be found throughout the entire body in less than 20 minutes!


Your skin is oily and the essential oils are "oils", therefore they can easily mix together and dissolve into one another (lipid soluble). Within just seconds they are penetrating the skin and entering the blood stream.

Applying essential oils to your feet allows the benefits of the essential oils to reach multiple organs, systems and areas of your body that are in need of support.


Physically, mentally and emotionally. Our oils are diluted with organic virgin coconut oil.
Additional Cost $10.00

Disclaimer: All of moon+stone healing services are intended for the purpose of stress reduction and emotional relaxation. Reiki is an amazing complement to any other holistic or medical modalities. Always consult your healthcare professional or General Practitioner first. Reiki / Energy workers/ healers do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. We strongly recommended you see a licensed physician, GP or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have. In no event can any of moon+stone be liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information or data provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, negligence or other actions.

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