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Artist, Designer, Reiki Master, Energy Medicine, Healer, Tine Butler, Moon+Stone


Welcome and thank you for finding yourself here. My name is Tine. I am what you call a free spirit, free soul. I am a Creator, an Artist, a Graphic Designer, a Professional Photographer, a Horticulturist wannabe', a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, a Mother, a Daughter, a Grandmother, a Wife and a Lifelong Friend.

I am not defined by anyone or anything. I dance to my own rhythm and sing to my own tune. I don't fit into a box. I am passionate about my work, and love to create. I am flawed, I make mistakes, I am love in abundance.

My work is collection of all the things I love: Nature Photography, Design, Energy, Crystals, Art and my newest love, pottery.


By trade, I am a Professional Photographer, and a Graphic Designer. My life however, is all "creative". I am wildly passionate about creating, healing and love to share. I believe that art comes in many forms, and is an expression of oneself.


The saying "her life is her art" I truly feel is a representation of my soul. My passion for creativity is built deep within.

Love + Light Tine xo


A little about me and how I evolved into becoming a Usui Reiki Master.

I have always been passionate about helping others to heal and grow, and from a young age, I have always had an intense deep rooted intuition, that at times scared me. It was what I thought, “too accurate”, and back then I did not really understand it. This gift continually tried to appear in my life, but I had not been open enough to fully receive it. Then in the beginning of 2017, that all changed, everything changed, who I was, to who I am, my life did a complete flip.

Since then, my business has evolved, developed + expanded to include my Meditation and Reiki services. 
I first began learning about the Chakras through my own personal Meditation journey, back in 2010. Through this study, along with several other courses, I began healing my own mental health struggles of anxiety, depression, + continued to improve my own health, which has led me to become an advocate for Reiki Healing Energy. (honestly this is a really long story, that should really be turned into a book)


With a renewed outlook on life, my passion + purpose is to meet you where you are at on your healing journey, to inspire + empower you to live your life as your most authentic self. I believe that by working together with the body + clearing out misalignments + blocked emotions that we hold onto we can completely transform our lives. 


My goal is to support you on your journey, to awaken your inner confidence and inner wisdom so you can lovingly be your most authentic self. My Reiki Treatments are a blend of reiki energy, crystal energy, coaching, intuitive guidance, oracle cards, essential oils, and sound energy. 

My mission is to create a safe space where you feel heard and supported, to help you find more inner peace, & to guide you in the discovery of self love, self acceptance, to help you find a balance within, so you can enjoy the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. 
Our Reiki session begins with heartfelt conversation to set your intention, followed by smudging to support you in grounding into the present and connecting with your breath. Reiki will then be channelled to cleanse any energy that no longer serves you and rebalance your energy.

Your session concludes with a debrief of any intuitive messages or guidance that has come through, this is where you share, and connect about your experiences over some tea. Various appointment options and payment plans available. Please connect with me to find out how you can best be supported.

Love + Light Tine xo

Anything is possible, create your dreams, release your energy.
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